We will have video games, board games, and table top games for free play from 11am to 8pm. In addition, we will be hosting multiple tournaments throughout the day. Gaming will be located in the Price Center West Ballroom. There will also be Game Show-like panels being held in the Eleanor Roosevelt (ERC) Room. Click here for more information about those panels.

Tournament Schedule

All tournaments are held in PC West Ballroom. Sign-ups will be held at the Gaming Table in PC West next to all of the game set-ups. Sign-ups for each tournament will start at 11am and will close 15 minutes before their respective tournaments. After signing up, please check in at the Gaming Table 10 minutes before the tournament start time. If sign-ups go over the cap, there will be a waitlist.
Time Game
12pm Guilty Gear Xrd
3pm Smash IV Tournament
6pm Kirby Air Ride Tourney

Tournament Descriptions

All games will be available for free play before and after their respective tournament.

Guilty Gear Xrd

PC West Ballroom, 12pm - 3pm

Sign-ups, 11am - 11:45am

THE WHEEL OF FATE IS TURNING. REBEL - oh, wrong one. It may not have hand-drawn sprites, but Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- is still a sight to behold. Challenge fellow Animefest attendees in a single elimination, 16 player tournament to decide which player reigns supreme. Game keys generously provided by Aksys Games.
Click here for more info regarding tournament rules & prizing

Smash 4 Tournament

PC West Ballroom, 3pm - 6pm

Sign-ups, 11am - 2:45pm

More characters, more stages, more items, more everything, babyyyyyy. It’s time to play the Smash that everyone is still hankering about. Whether you’re a new player or an old-school player, you’ll be enjoying yourself no matter what. We will have controllers available, but you may bring your own controller.
Click here for more info regarding tournament rules & prizing

Kirby Air Ride Tourney

PC West Ballroom, 6pm - 8pm

Sign-ups, 11am - 5:45pm

Prepare for fast and furious racing with everyone’s pink puffball – Kirby. Race in gigantic cities, go crazy against opponents… this is an experience better than Initial D and Wangan Midnight combined.
Click here for more info regarding tournament rules & prizing

Other Games

If the game is not set up, please ask one of the Animefest staff to switch in the game for you.

Pokken Tournament

Pokken is a fighting game that fuses Pokemon and Tekken! Come by and pit Pokemon against Pokemon in a fully 3d battle arena!

Super Bomberman R

Super Mario Odyssey

Fire Emblem Warriors

Other Events

Magic the Gathering Draft

PC West Ballroom, 12pm - 5pm

Do you like squirrels? Whether you love them or hate them with a passion, everyone likes fancy full-art John Avon lands and one of the best draft formats in recent years. Cal-Animage Beta will be having an Unstable Draft in the West Ballroomby the Tabletop Gaming tables. Be warned: the draft will likely consume the rest of the time for Animefest, so make sure you take care of any business you have beforehand! Cost is $10, with prizes provided by the club. Signups are live here and cap at 8-10 players.

Table Top Games

PC West Ballroom, 11am - 8pm

If you would like to sit down and relax, there will be tabletop games available to play throughout the the duration of the event on the tables near the gaming set ups in PC West Ballroom. Please bring an ID if you would like to check out games.

Game Show Panels

Eleanor Roosevelt (ERC) Room

There will be various Game Show-like panels throughout the day in the Eleanor Roosevelt (ERC) Room. Go to the link below for more informatiom!"

Click for Game Show Panel Details