Anime Coast

PC West Ballroom

Website: www.animecoast.com

Facebook: animecoast

Artist Alley

Artist Alley will be open from 11am to 8pm in PC East Ballroom.

List of Participating Artists

Table Artist Name Website
12 agentspica tumblr
11 Arrupako etsy
13 Ashura-Kai's Shop tumblr
16 barfchan instagram
30 captainneyu
17 Chim Arts twitter
22 Colorchou facebook
32 Cuties Craft Lab facebook
31 Daemon Works instagram
26 dogsoftware
24 Egg Boys
19 emilieevo instagram
29 Ghostly Goods instagram
26 inkwingart
28 Izzy and Marley instagram
8 jadematica instagram
6 Jelly Bowl weebly
12 kanachroma deviantArt
21 Kimposed kimposed.com
18 Kyupls
15 Lunar Spelunker instagram
20 moonjellart tumblr
25 PerlerBeadSD facebook
14 Phi Lee instagram
2 rainchimes
15 RebekahDayDraws instagram
8 ricebao weebly
5 Super Potion instagram
23 Talart instagram
10 The Horchata Crew tumblr
27 The Intermission Orchestra: Art Committee facebook
3 Vonnabeee tumblr
4 Wishu Art tumblr
7 yoonmi yoon-mi.net
9 Yuzu Tart
1 Zonks Illustration squarespace

Origami Club

PC Ballroom West

Need a break from all the events at Animefest? Come fold Origami with us in the PC West Ballroom! Paper and instructions will be provided courtesy of Origami Club at UCSD.